Nick Russell

Nick Russell


BSc (Hons) Geography

Diploma in Land Administration


Nick has over 30 years experience advising public and private sector clients on entertainment, sport, leisure, social infrastructure, cultural development and financing vehicles.

Traditionally a chartered surveyor by profession working in the public and private sectors, Nick specialises in innovating on the funding, design and operation of performance venues. Having been at the forefront of delivering PPP/ PFI structures and with a passion for operational and funding models he has led the innovation of new venue models in sport, entertainment and conference and exhibition industry. To date, Nick has delivered over £1bn of projects.

Before creating IPW in 2007 Nick was Managing Director at PMP, one of the world’s largest management consultancies specialising in sport, leisure, and culture.

Previously Nick was Head of Local Authority Leisure and Regeneration with KPMG Consulting, an Associate Partner at Donaldsons and in local government. He rose to be Head of Regeneration and Property for London Borough of Southwark with responsibility for Peckham, Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, where he now lives.

Nick has advised on a range of entertainment and cultural venue projects internationally, including delivering detailed funding and procurement advice, together with managing complex procurement competitions to deliver best value for clients. He has advised on and delivered multiple projects in the Middle East, Europe and throughout the whole of the UK.

Key industry changing success include the creation and delivery of: the PFI contract models and 60 sports centres; the first direct Arena in Leeds; the multi-use mid-scale entertainment and confex at Connexin Live in Hull; the Royal Arena in Copenhagen; new stadia for communities and premiership clubs alike and the Cool Venues ice rinks.

Listen to Nick Russell’s May 2020 interview on The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast. (11 mins)

“What’s next…?”

Pop Quiz

How long have you been with IPW…?

Since day one in 2007

Where have you worked previously?

PMP Consultancy, KPMG, Donaldsons, London Borough of Southwark

What do you bring to the team?

Innovative ideas, helping to create the best venues we can… whilst having a good time!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Pilot and Captain of any sports team I was in… tried a lot!

Live anywhere, take everything, where would you go?

Spain and London… which is where we live…

What are you most passionate about in life?

Life and living it with a broad grin


Figure Skating, Rugby, F1 but passion for nearly all sport…

Desert Island disc?

Play that Funky Music – Wild Cherry

Go-to dish?

Full English Breakfast

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