Jim Kay

Jim Kay



Jim has four decades of delivering value and certainty on construction projects around the globe. He has most recently been involved in project creation and developing a range of turnkey, low-cost, high-quality buildings as products.

Jim prides himself on being on a continual journey of learning and is watchful of pragmatic innovation. He is adept at combining pre-engineered products to create buildings that are least cost for the specific need.

An interest in long-span structures was honed when advising on the roof of T5, Heathrow (180m clear span). Subsequently, Jim has been developing supply chains in a variety of ways to cover large, open spaces.

Jim has worked to produce innovative solutions to such projects, including: air domes, tensioned fabric (single skin, ‘blown’ insulated), lightweight steel and glulam. His project experience includes: tennis courts, multi-purpose sports facilities, ice rinks, cricket pitches, and schools.

Prior to joining IPW Jim served as a Partner in Gardiner & Theobald, and was Director of ARUP.

“Ice, ice baby…”

Pop Quiz

How long have you been with IPW…?

I joined in 2012

Where have you worked previously?

Around the Northern Hemisphere managing cost on construction projects big and small, beautiful and painful

What do you bring to the team?

Wit, charm, charisma, and modesty

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Not a quantity surveyor

Live anywhere, take everything, where would you go?

Precisely where I’m typing this from… la belle France!

What are you most passionate about in life?




Desert Island disc?

Doggerel Bank

Go-to dish?

Go to (and run from!) - a fiery Vindaloo

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