IPW provides the full range of consultancy services in our key sectors.

Feasibility studies and market appraisals

Feasibility studies and market appraisals are key tools for our clients to establish project viability and make informed strategic and investment decisions.

We provide a comprehensive approach to these studies, typically including: strategic context and background data review, primary and secondary research, analysis of KPIs and comparison with our in-house databases, consultation, soft market testing, options development and appraisal, business planning, procurement and funding advice and delivery strategies.



We develop strategies and provide strategic advice to a wide range of clients, including: local authorities, government bodies, private developers, venue operators, and professional sports clubs, leagues and sports NGBs. Our expertise and input helps to guide strategic direction and prioritise investment and intervention decisions.


Business planning

IPW provides a full business planning service. Our team provides business planning input at all stages of project development from feasibility to reviewing existing facilities. All of our business plans are based on market research, our in-house data base and KPIs and our consultants experience of operating facilities.

Our modelling capability extends to creating simple switches to quickly test alternative scenarios. We tailor our business plan service to the level of detail required by clients and their budgets.


Due diligence

IPW provides commercial and accounting due diligence services for clients to assist in their evaluation of proposals, opportunities and prospective partners.

The information and analysis we provide supports decisions to progress, modify or terminate project arrangements.


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Economic impact

IPW produces comprehensive economic impact assessments, developed in line with Treasury Green Book guidance on how to appraise and evaluate policies, projects and programmes (with a particular focus on entertainment, sport and business event venues) to inform public sector investment decisions.


Consultation and Soft Market Testing

Consultation is at the heart of all of our projects. We have experience of consulting with local, regional, national and international stakeholders. We employ a wide range of techniques for public and key stakeholder consultation including: face to face meetings, telephone interviews, workshops, focus groups, surveys and social media engagement.

We have strong relationships with the all of the world’s leading venue operators and with many other key brands and influencers across entertainment, sport, business tourism, culture and events.


Operator Procurement/ contracting

IPW provides a complete procurement package for clients, from both the public and private sectors. We manage all forms of OJEU procurement processes and develop bespoke competitive processes for clients where OJEU regulations do not apply.

Our service includes pre-procurement strategy and advice, soft market testing and project marketing, production of all procurement and commercial documents, management of the procurement process including bidders and stakeholders, lead negotiations, bid evaluation and selection and finalisation of commercial and legal documents. We also lead one-on-one negotiations on behalf of clients.

IPW has innovated across the procurement sector. Our team initially developed the 4P’s standard procurement documentation for leisure sector PPP/ PFIs and has shaped an industry leading approach for the procurement of entertainment venues.


Funding and financing

Project funding and financing is typically the most critical and valuable advice we provide to clients. Many projects in our key sectors are not commercially self-financing and therefore our creativity and innovation in this area is key to project delivery.

We have extensive experience of making challenging projects a reality, through our knowledge of existing public and private sector financing mechanisms and creation of new ideas and solutions for project funding.


Venue technical and space planning

We provide venue technical and space planning services for entertainment and cultural venues. Our advice covers technical and operational specifications, prototype schemes and layouts and ongoing technical input and advice into the design development and construction stages.

We have developed and implemented creative and innovative designs for multi-use venues, maximising the operational performance and minimising the capital cost.


Development Management

We provide development management services, working with our partners, to deliver schemes from feasibility to opening.


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