IPW offers a service called Improving Performance With aimed at helping clients to reduce subsidies and/ or improve the profitability of their venues without negatively impacting upon the programme of events or wider objectives.

This service comes with no risk or additional cost to clients.

Our in-house team undertakes a detailed review and assessment of each client’s venue(s) using the seven-step process set out below.

The assessment includes consideration of revenue enhancement opportunities across all key income areas and cost and efficiency savings.

We also work with a range of partners with specialist expertise in key areas, as relevant to each client. This includes for example: legal advisors, F&B consultancy, VAT consultancy, capital allowances and tax solutions, business rates, affinity marketing, sustainability solutions, utilities and building and FM services.

We are so confident that we can improve financial performance that our commercial offer is all about sharing in the improvements, with no upfront fee.

If we do not identify any potential for improved performance there is no fee.